The Ashland Board of Aldermen gave first reading approval at Tuesday’s meeting to allow Bob and Chop – two pygmy goats residing with owner Kim Proctor on Main Street – to remain in town.

The aldermen will likely re-visit the issue at the second reading for the second vote after Aldermen Jesse Bronson suggested the new ordinance not be so tightly focused on just pygmy goats. “We should look at these as permitting situations,” Bronson suggested.

Opponents of the measure – most of whom spoke at the Board of Adjustment meeting last week – said the goats would ‘escape’ and do damage to flower beds. “They have gotten out recently and did damage at the Middle School,” said Crystal Smith, who filed the original complaint against the two goats.

Former alderwoman Linda Miller said the city would open itself up to future lawsuits if the ordinance passed.

Another Palomino Ridge resident said she owned a horse, but didn’t keep it in her backyard.

However, first ward Alderman George Campbell said his ward has residential, multi-family residential properties, commercial properties and farms. “We have folks who own cattle and horses,” Campbell said, “we already have many different residencies – I don’t see a problem with this change.”

The new ordinance allowing goats will be ratified with the second reading in July.

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