Ashland Police have not been left out of the nation-wide “clown-craze” epidemic.
An Ashland Police officer was called last Friday by a Palomino Ridge resident who saw teens in a car wearing a clown mask. The resident reported it, officers said, because of the recent news about people wearing clown costumes acting in a threatening manner.
Many of the reports have simply been hoaxes, purported on social media, however, the Howard’s County sheriff’s department received an online threat this past week from “Ain’t Clownin’ Around” and increased their patrols at county schools.
The Ashland Police officer located the teenaged prankster, talked to them about the dangers of scaring people and let him know there had been a complaint.
While Ashland’s police chief said it was no crime to wear a clown mask, that didn’t make it necessarily smart.
“We just don’t want kids going out to scare people when they could end up injured, or worse, while pranking someone,” said Police Chief Lyn Woodford. “It’s a concern that there is a child or teenager doing this while some people are genuinely threatened due to what they have seen on the news or social media.”
Woolford and other Ashland officers said they cannot ignore calls from the community and they will “respond appropriately” if more “clown complaints” are called in.
Is it OK to wear a clown outfit on Halloween?
Woodford smiled and said that while the “clown phenomenon” was taking place, it might be a better idea to select a different costume this year.