Lead Photo:  Police Sgt. James Creel and Administrative Assistant Megan Young show off the new headquarters for the Ashland Police Department. Creel said that minor construction efforts to create a new evidence room and officer work room cost the City just under $3,000. Young said the larger evidence room provides a method for the department to assure the integrity of evidence in cases that could go to court. The police department can be contacted by dialing 311 or, in emergency, 911. 

Lead Story:  Area to Feel Intense Cold, Wind Chill in Areas Expected to Exceed -40 Degrees

As dangerously cold temperatures overtake Missouri this week, Governor Mike Parson is urging Missourians to understand the many hazards that come with the extreme cold and to take precautions to protect their families.

“We take the safety of our citizens very seriously and stand ready to support our local jurisdictions as they work to protect their communities,” said Governor Parson. “I also urge Missourians to check on neighbors who may need a little extra help during these dangerous conditions.”

The National Weather Service is predicting dangerously cold wind chill values of -5 to -40 degrees F across the state on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The most life-threatening wind chill values will occur across the northern half of the state on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

The National Weather Service is urging people to dress properly if they will be spending any time outdoors because such cold wind chill values will produce frostbite and hypothermia if precautions are not taken. People need to also remember that an unexpected vehicle breakdown could turn into an extremely dangerous situation if they are unprepared– remember to bring an extra set of warm clothing when traveling. Do not let the warmth of your vehicle give you a false sense of security.

Southern Boone Superintendent Chris Felmlee said early Tuesday afternoon that he did not want to put any children at risk and the district would not be in session on Wednesday. Felmlee said the district would be back in session the rest of the week.

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