The Ashland Board of Aldermen voted unanimously on Tuesday evening to pay Mayor Gene Rhorer a $400 monthly stipend beginning in April for one year.

Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer

The aldermen discussed the topic for the first time publicly last month and cited the countless hours Rhorer had given to the city – specifically citing work done to secure easements for new sewer pipeline leading from the Columbia Regional Airport to the city’s future mechanical sewer plant.

Rhorer had not attended the original meeting about the stipend – and said he felt uneasy about the discussion. The owner of Ashland PC Technology, Rhorer has said that his mayoral duties has cost him as much as $20,000 per year in business.

The Aldermen’s plan originally called for voting for a “bonus,” however, the agreed upon language for the council bill reads: “The Mayor of the City of Ashland shall receive a stipend of $400 per month from April 1, 2017 until March 31, 2018, at which time this subsection shall expire and the mayor shall no longer receive a stipend.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting:
• The aldermen agreed to enter into a contract with MoDot in order to receive a TAP grant for the construction of a sidewalk on Main Street next year.

• The aldermen agreed to a contract with C.L. Richardson Co. for the Renee Drive drainage project.

• The aldermen agreed to adopt the International Building Codes of 2012. That will bring the city’s building code in line with Boone County codes.