Summer is a great time of year, especially if you can deal with the heat. It’s a chance to be free from homework and the hectic schedule that takes place during the school year.

It’s also a chance for parents to do a ton of fun things with their kids after work and on weekends. It’s an exercise in bonding that is natural and will ideally create happy memories for your kids and with these suggestions; they don’t take a lot of planning or cost money.

What To Do With The Kids has assembled a list of 20 fun things that parents can do with their kids.

1. Go to the beach – It may seem like a lot of trouble but not if you keep it simple. Beach towel, a few beach toys and lots of sun screen is all you really need. You can also bring folding chairs and a sun umbrella as well. Bring a lunch or snacks along with a few cold drinks. These can easily fit inside a couple of cloth bags with an ice pack if you don’t have a cooler. If you have a car, leave the cooler and valuables in the car. This way, you’ll have no problem leaving stuff on the beach while you play with the kids in the water. Keep in mind that even if there are lifeguards, you need to stay very close to your kids. The younger they are, the closer you are! Sun screen is very important. Buy the highest UV protection you can and don’t be afraid to pay a few dollars more for the good stuff. Remember to get the sand out of the bathing suits before you start going home.

2. Mini golf – As far as we are concerned, mini-golf should be an Olympic event. It’s a great activity that anyone can play. In fact, the worst you are the more fun it is. We like playing in the early evening when it starts getting dark and cooler. Lazer Lanes and Midway Golf in Columbia and Turkey Creek in Jefferson City are two places to putter around.

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